Fair American Sch

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This Month in Naval History
Fair American Sch

Fair American

Former name retained.

(Sch: t. 82; cpl. 62; a. 1 32-par., 1 12-par.)

The schooner Fair American was purchased by Commodore Isaac Chauncey at Oswego, N.Y., in October 1812. She was fitted out for service on Lake Ontario, and Lieutenant Walcott Chauncey placed in command.

Fair American and the other ships of the squadron passed the winter of 1812-13 at Sacketts Harbor, N.Y., then cruised Lake Ontario in support of land operations in the area. After landing General Dearborn and some 1,700 soldiers at York (Toronto), Ontario, on 27 April 1813, Fair American and the other ships of the squadron opened heavy cannonade on the forts of the town. The United States troops took possession of the town that same day, while the squadron captured a British schooner, 28 cannon, and large quantities of ammunition.

Fair American continued cruising the lake, transporting troops and protecting other shipping until December when the squadron was laid up again at Sacketts Harbor. In 1814 Fair American was converted into a transport and for the remainder of the war, was used to carry troops and supplies for the Army. She was sold at Sacketts Harbor on 16 May 1816.


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