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This Month in Naval History
Eagle Slp

Eagle II

(Sip: t. 110; 1. 64'; b. 20'4"; dph. 5'8"; cpl. 50;
a. 11 guns)

The second Eagle, a sloop, was a merchant ship purchased on Lake Champlain in 1812 and fitted for naval service. She cruised on the lake under the command of Sailing Master J. Loomis as a member of Commodore Thomas Macdonough's squadron blockading the British advance from Canada. Eagle was captured by the enemy 3 June 1813 near Ile aux Noix on the Canadian side of the lake and taken into the Royal Navy as Finch. During her services as a British ship she accompanied the expedition which burned the arsenal and storehouses at Plattsburg, N.Y. She was recaptured by the Americans during the great victory of the Battle of Lake Champlain 11 September 1814 and taken back into the U.S. Navy. After the war she was sold in July 1815 at Whitehall, N.Y.


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