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This Month in Naval History

Dolphin II

(Sch: t. 198; 1. 88'; b. 23'6"; dr. 12'4"; a. 12 6-pdr.)

The second Dolphin, a schooner, was launched 23 June 1821 by Philadelphia Navy Yard and sent to New York to be readied for sea. Assigned to duty as one of two vessels making up the newly organized Pacific Squadron she sailed 8 December 1821, under the command of Lieutenant D. Conner, in company with ship-of-the line Franklin.

Dolphin arrived at Valparaiso, Chile 6 February 1822, and cruised on the coasts of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile to protect American commerce and the whaling industry. Between 18 August 1825 and 24 August 1826 she cruised to search for the mutineers of the American whaler Globe, returning to Callao, Peru, with the two surviving members of the mutiny. During this cruise she visited Hawaii where she assisted men of the American ship London wrecked there, and helped other American citizens in the islands.

Dolphin served in the Pacific until 2 December 1836 when she was sold.


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