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Presidential Election 2008
The Following candidates are listed by their standing in National Polls as of Jan 1, 2008
Democrats Republicans
Hillary Clinton
Second Term Senator From New York, Former First Lady
campaign web site www.hillaryclinton.com
Barack Obama
First term Senator from Illinois, former State Senataor
campaign web site www.barackobama.com
John Edwards
Former Senator from South Carolina VP canidate 2004
campaign web site www.johnedwards.com
Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico,former UN Ambassador ,member of Congress, Secretary of Energy camaign web site -Wihdrew Richardsonforpresident.com
Joe BidenWihdrew
Senator form the State of Maryland since 1972, chairman of the Senate Foreign RElations Committeejebident.com
Chris DoddWihdrew
Senator form the Connecticut since 1980 camaign web site
Congressman from Ohio since 1996. Was Mayor of Cleveland at the age of 32

Dennis Kucinich

Two term mayor of New York City

Rudy Giuliani

campaign web site www.joinrudy2008.com/
Ten year governor of Arkansas

Mike Huckabee

campaign web site www.mikehuckabee.com
One term governor of Massachusetts, businessman and organizer of the Salt Lake City Olympics

Mitt Romney

campaign web site www.mittromney.com
Senator from Arizona for over 20 years- former navy pilot and prisoner of war.

John McCain

camaign web site www.johnmccain.com

Fred Thompson

One term Senator plus 2 years Senator, as well as former actor.camaign web site- withdrew www.fred08.com
Ron Paul
Nine term congressman from Texas, former Liberterian candidate for President. Practicing physician .