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Iowa Caucus Held on January 3, 2008
Governor Mike Huckabee won the Republican caucus. His victory was decisive.
Huckabee won the election thanks to the support he received from the Evangelical community. But his victory was broader, he seem to strike a chord in Iowa, running a populist campaign. In his victory speech he spoke on the need to unite the country and not divide it. How important was religion to Huckabee's supporters
Senator Obama Won a decisive Victory in the Democratic Caucus
Senator Obama's victory was decisive. His message of change and hope turned out large numbers of supporters. In 2004 120,000 democrats voted in the caucus, This year the turnout was 214,000. Obama's support has been overwhelmingly from the young and they turned out to support him. Age of Supporters

The Deomocratic caucus's was complicated, and the are thus unpredictable. It's not a primary were peolple vote in private, but as the name impies, voters come out and meet and as groups and show their support for a candiidate (explanation of caucus). If you supported a candidate deemed unviable(less then 15% of the vote) voter had the chance to support another candidae.

CNN Poll of Demcoratic Voters December 15, 2007
CNN Poll of RepublicanVoters December 15, 2007