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Election 2000- The Recount


The closest election in US history began with a night of errors for the major networks. The first error occurred when they declared that the State of Florida was won by Al Gore. That victory it seemed made an electoral victory by George Bush unlikely. As the night went on the networks retracted their call and placed Florida in the undecided camp. Later in the night it became clear that the Florida decision would determine the elections. A little after 2 AM Eastern Time the networks made their next mistake, declaring the State of Florida for George Bush. That declaration set in motion a concession phone call by Gore to Bush. As Gore was about the make his concession speech, word reached him that the State of Florida was indeed to close to call. Gore called Bush back and recanted his concession and the recount stage of the Florida election was on. Most Americans went to sleep believing that Bush had won, they woke up to learn that the election had not been decided: it would not be for another month.

The Chronology

November 7th- Election Day
November 8th Early morning decision first in Bush's favor and then too close to count
November 9th- Results from Florida show George Bush lead to be 1,784- thus automatically triggering a machine recount
November 10th First recount shows George Bush ahead by 327 without counting absentee ballots. The Democrats request manual recounts in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Voulusia Counties
November 11th- Palm Beach announces it will recount- Bush goes to federal court to bar the recount.
November 12th- Volusia County begins recount. Democrats announce suit to filed in Seminole County against Republican absentee ballots
November 13th- Federal court refuses to stop recount.- Florida election official announce that they will certify the election the next day- with the exception of absentee ballots- Democrats appeal decision-
November 14th - District Court upholds the deadline but states further recounts can continue and may be included. State Secretary of State certifies results with a 300 Bush lead.
November 15th- Broward County goes ahead with manual recount- Secretary of State Harrison refuses to accept additional votes based on recount
November 16th State Supreme Courts says manual recount can continue, but lower court must decide if the secretary of state must include them
November 17th Judge Terry Lewis says Harris can certify results, but the State Supreme Court puts a hold and that decision
November 18th Overseas ballots are counted Bush lead now 930 votes
November 20th- Arguments before Florida high court.
November 21st- Florida High Court rules that recount can continue and should be certified on November 26th at 3PM
November 22nd George Bush appeals to the US Supreme Court to stop the recount
November 23rd Miami-Dade recount seems to come to an end
November 26th Secretary of State Harris certifies Bush victory at 537 votes- without recount of Palm Beach, which is late and Miami-
Dade that decides not to recount
November 27th- Gore officially contests the results the results
December 1- US Supreme Court hears arguments on the earlier extension of the date for recounts by Florida
December 2nd Contest trail begins before Jude N Sander Sauls.
December 4th The US Supreme Court orders clarification of earlier Florida Supreme Court decision
December 5th Judge Sauls rules against Gore
December 6th Gore appeals to Florida Supreme Court
December 7th Oral arguments before Florida Supreme Court
December 8th Florida Supreme Court orders manual recount in all of state where no votes were recorded
December 9th US Supreme Court halts counting before hearing appeal
December 10th Lawyers file briefs before Supreme Court
December 11th Oral arguments before the court
December 12th At 10 PM at night the Supreme Court rules that no further recounts can take place
December 13th- Gore concedes.

Supreme Court Decision