Battle of Nile

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Battle of Nile
The Battle of the Nile took place in Aboukir Bay near the mouth of the Nile River. The French fleet commanded by Admiral Francois Paul Bruey d’ Aigalliers. He had transported the army of Napoleon to Egypt where they had captured Cairo. The British, taken by surprise by this action, responded with a fleet led by Admiral Horatio Nelson. On August 1st he came upon it anchored in the Aboukir Bay. The French fleet consisted of 17 ships including the Orient a massive 120 ton flagship. The battle began at 1800 hours as daylight was fading. The British column divided in two, some of the ships, led by Goliath under the command of Captain Foley, moving to the landward side of the French ships, while others stayed on the sea side. Thus the British were able to attack the French ships on two sides simultaneously. They slowly rolled up the French line.
The battle ended with a complete victory. All of the French ships were either captured, destroyed, or aground. It was probably the most one sided naval victory in history.