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Second Anglo-Dutch War
The Second Anglo- Dutch War took place after the Second Navigation Act was passed including a number of major naval battles between the British and the Dutch. The first battle took place in 1665. It is known as the Battle of Lowestoft and occurred after the capture of an Anglo-Hamburg convoy by the Dutch. The British and Dutch fleets engaged off Lowestoft. The battle was hard fought between ships of the two fleets. The British and Dutch flagships engaged directly with each other, and although the battle initially favored the Dutch, the Dutch flagship suddenly blew up and victory was with the British. During the course of the war the British captured the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam and renamed it New York. The British suffered a major naval defeat when the Dutch navy successfully penetrated the Medway River and captured the British flagship Royal Charles. The war ended with the Treaties of Bred. Under its terms the status quo is maintained, however the British retain New York. The Navigation Acts were slightly modified to allow Dutch ships with goods from the Rhine to call on British ports.