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Battle of the Nations
Napoleon's disaster in Russia soon spelled his undoing. Much of his power had eminated from the perception that he could not be defeated. Once that occurred decisively as it had in Russia, many of his allies quickly deserted him and he was forced to face a large allied force. It began on August 12, 1812 when Austria declared war on France. With the financial support of Great Britain the Austrians were able to field three separate armies. In September the Austrians, Russians and Prussians signed the Treaty of Teplitz which formalized the alliances between them, and guaranteed that none of the participants would sign a separate treaty with France. From October 16th-19th the allies and the French fought the Battle of Leipzig otherwise known as the Battle of the Nations. In three days of fighting Napoleons army was decisively defeated on the field and then driven out of the city. The various kingdoms allied with Napoleon in Germany came to an end.