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Battle of Navarino
The Greeks, who had been ruled by the Ottomans since the 15th century, revolted. The Ottoman Pasha called for and received assistance from the semi independent Mehemet Ali of Egypt. His son Ibrahim commanded the combined Egyptian Ottoman army and fleet. In 1847 the Ottomans were, with Ali’s help, successfully putting down the rebellion. However, public opinion in Western Europe and Russian imperial desires, combined to bring about an intervention in the war. The Russians, British and French worked together to bring about a ceasefire. When their request was ignored by the Ottoman, they sent a fleet to enforce it. The ceasefire could only be enforced on the sea. The combined fleet began by blockading the Port of Navarrone where the Ottoman ships were located. On October 20, 1827 when it was concluded that the blockade could not be maintained ships under the joint command of British Admiral Codrington, entered the harbor . The inevitable occurred and a battle soon broke out. In the course of the battle the complete Ottoman fleet which was laying at anchor in defensive positions was wiped out. Sixty Ottoman ships were destroyed. Ottoman casualties are estimated to have been 6,000 killed and 4,000 wounded. No Allied ship was destroyed although many were severely damaged.