F-4 Phantom Unveiled by McDonell-Douglas

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F-4 Phantom Unveiled by McDonell-Douglas
(5/27/58) The F-4 was first unveiled by McDonnell-Douglas in 1958. It soon became the backbone of the US Airforce, serving in twin roles, as both an interceptor as well as a ground support bomber. It served as the frontline American aircraft in the Vietnam War. The Phantom was also used by the Navy as the premier carrier-based fighter. The F-4 is also famous for the role it played as the major Israeli aircraft during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The US Airforce still uses the Phantom II today, mostly in its "Wild Weasel Configuration" (a missile suppressor). Israel has an extensive modernization program called "Phantom 2000," designed to extend the Phantom's life cycle into the 21st century.