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shadowshadow > American History > New Nation > Major Events > 1815 Madison's Vision
1815 Madison's Vision

In the wake of the end of the War of 1812, President Madison’s popularity rose.  He made use of this rise to put forth to Congress an ambitious legislative program to further the growth and security of the United States.  The plan included a call for further strengthening US coasts, continuing to finish the ships and other armaments under order, a protective level of tariff on imported goods to protect new American industries from foreign competition and Federal support in the building of roadways and canals.  Finally he called for the establishment of the second Bank of the United States to help stabilize American finances.  Maidsons Pland became known as the Madisonian Platform The Congress passed Madison ambitious agenda.

With the War over Madison populartiy rose. He made use of that growing populrarity to present a plan for future growth of theUS that became kown as the Madisonian Platform. It was largely passed by Congress.

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