Battle to Establish the Bank


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shadowshadow > American History > New Nation > Major Events > 1791 Battle to Establish the Bank
1791- Bill of Rights Takes Effect

The Bill of Rights took effect on December 15th, after the Virginia legislature gave approval. It guaranteed many of the personal freedoms that Americans today take for granted.

While the Constitution was being ratified, there were numerous calls for its amendment. Most of the proposed amendments were directed towards increasing individual rights. There were 80 proposed changes to the Constitution; of which Congress passed 12, concentrating on civil rights. Of the 12, 10 were ratified by the states. These ten amendments became known as "The Bill of Rights," including the right of trial of jury; protection against illegal searches and protection of free speech. The Tenth Amendment stated that those powers not delegated to the federal government and not prohibited to the states are delegated to the states and to the people.
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