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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

Olmert Tries to Hold On

Friday May 4, 2007

It is the day after the big demonstration in Israel and its effects are still unknown. Like I wrote yesterday, it is clear that the demonstration was different from others in the past. One commentator stated that never before have so many people with such different opinions come together to protest. Not only that, but they protested against someone who it seems to not have clear opinions himself.

Commentators are at a loss to fully explain why Prime Minister Olmert does not resign. One said that it is not the DNA of a politician to resign, while another said that if he resigns now it is clear that he failed as a politician and perhaps if he stays on some miracle will occur.Ê The demonstrators are planning to continue their protest in Jerusalem, outside of Olmert's house.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzpi Livni's actions have been heavily panned in the Israeli media today. She was criticized for taking a half action- calling on Olmert to resign while not resigning herself.Ê Commentators effectively called her a chicken. That is not a good image for a potential prime minister. Of course another commentator said that Livni's actions were a lot better than other Ministers who would say off the record that Olmert should resign but then were afraid to say it to his face.

I frankly do not understand it. I understand why no one but the Likud party wants new elections. It is not clear why the other members of the Kadima party do not realize that the only chance for their party to exist after the next election is if someone else takes over as prime minister.

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