-- March 12, 2012- Over 200 Missiles Have Now Been Fired at Israel in Four Days

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

March 12, 2012- Over 200 Missiles Have Now Been Fired at Israel in Four Days

In New York ( accept I gather this year) school kids get snow days. In Southern Israel in the largest cities tomorrow children will be having their third missile day in the row. School in all the large cities of the South will be closed tomorrow as another day of missile fire is expected to take place. As of this evening over 200 rockets had been fired at Israel over the past four days. Today Iron Dome intercepted 32 of 36 rockets that were fired, a slightly lower rate and rockets did fall on Ashdod, Beersheva and Gederot, but no one was seriously injured a damage was limited.

There is talk of a discussion of a ceasefire, although nothing immediate seems to be happening. In Israel there is hope that it will end soon, but there is a great deal less pressure. Once again its thanks to Iron Dome, not only is it physically saving lives, it seems to have changed the morale of the people in the cities under attack. The very fact that there is an active defense and people lives are not left to fate, seems to have changed how people are dealing with the current situation.

Meanwhile the Palestinians are losing out on three levels. First, the frustration at their failure to bring about any casualties, and a second the fact that the Arab world does not care. Arab TV networks this time are not very interested I what is going on. Today the attention in the Arab world is still turnd to Syria where 100 people were killed. Third 16 missile fire crews have been attacked and either wounded or killed/

Will this end now? Hard to say, the fact is that the Islamic Jihad is the one on the Palestinian side doing the attacking and their supporter: Iran.

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