-- Iron Dome Very Successful as over 100 Missiles Fired From Gaza March 10, 2112

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

March 10, 2012- Iron Dome Very Successful as over 100 Missiles Fired From Gaza

Shabbat in Southern Israel was anything but quiet. It was a Shabbat when 100 rockets rained down upon Israel; but it was also a Shabbat when Israel's newest defense system proved the value of every dollar was invested in it. Of the 34 missiles that would have hit cities in the South Ashdod, Beersheba Ashkelon (and others), 32 were successfully intercepted by the three "Iron Dome" defense systems now in operation. It seems that just last week the software that control the Iron Dome was upgraded. As a result, what had previously been a good record of intercepts on the part of this cutting-edge defense system, has now become an unprecedented success story.

There is no question that the Iron Dome is fulfilling its mission. When one of the government ministers was interviewed on TV this evening and asked whether or not it is time for a ground action in Gaza, the minister said: "No. We now have 'Iron Dome' and this gives us time for the Air Force and other services to do their jobs."

This round of missile strikes on the southern front began after Israel killed the Secretary-General of the Popular Resistance Committees, Zohar al-Qaisi; who, according to Israel, was planning a major terror attack along the Egyptian Border.

The PRC and the Islamic Resistance movement then used this excuse for widespread missile fire into Israel. Part of the reason for these strikes is the recent deterioration of relations between Hamas and Iran. Top Iranian officials have openly attacking Hamas, recently saying it (Hamas) was following Fatah and Arafat's ways of compromise. The more radical organizations saw their opportunity to show that they will not compromise. Hamas has not fired any of its missiles, and is trying to bring about a ceasefire.

An interesting survey was shown tonight on Israel's Channel 2, showing Israeli reactions to Obama’s speech to the AIPAC convention. It turns out, with no surprise, that those who supported left and center parties in the last election were more likely to believe President Obama when he said he had Israel’s back. Supporters of the right were less willing to believe Obama at his word.

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