-- June 6, 2011- Anniversary of the Start of the Six Day War, Syrian Border Clashes, Dagan Attacked

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 6, 2011- Anniversary of the Start of the Six Day War, Syrian Border Clashes, Dagan Attacked

Today is June 5th. For those of old enough to remember that day in 1967, ( I was in 7th grade), it was the day that started with trepidation and fear, as the Six Day War began. However, by the end of that same day we all learned that the Israeli Air Force had wiped out the Air Forces of the all the Arab states. Six short days passed and Israel was victorious on all fronts.

To the Arabs, this day is marked by "Naksa Day". The "Naksa", as opposed to "Nakba", which is how they look at May 15th (Israel's independence). Nakba, being an external tragedy, and Naksa being more self-inflicted, like a defeat on the battlefield. In 2011, It was a day Israel feared would be used to repeat the events of 3 weeks ago (when hundreds broke through the Israeli border with Syria, and there were similar attempts in Lebanon, Gaza and from the West Bank).

Today, however events went a little differently. There were no attempts to enter Israel from Lebanon. On the eve of their tourist season, the Lebanese government has stopped any attempt of organizing a rush on Israel's border. The Syrians are looking for any means to turn the world's attention from their ruthless killing of their own people. The Syrians succeeded, to some extent, as it looks like some number of the protestors were killed by the IDF when they tried to cross the border. This time Israel was going to make it clear that you cannot break across the border. I am not sure why they needed to use the methods they did (i.e. snipers shooting at the feet of anyone who crossed). Using water cannons, sonic bombs and other non-lethal methods against the invaders would have been my choice.But I suppose the government decided they needed to create some level of detterance. The event was ended when the army shot a massive number of tear gas at the demonstrators on the Syrian side and they dispersed.

The situation of President Assad of Syria is getting worse. Despite killing an additional 25 demonstrators today his situation is getting ever more perilous. One of his top generals defected today. Yesterday the Syrian opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood met in Turkey. They callled overwhelmingly for the establishment of a secular state were there would be no role for religion in the government.

The expected attacks on the former head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan,for attacking the government and stating he does not trust the judgement of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, have begun. Unnamed government officials have attacked him, stating he is trying to unseat a sitting Prime Minister. They almost got to the point of claiming that Dagan suffers from mental problems. Other former Mossad officials and chiefs have lept to Dagan's defense.

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