-- June 12, 2011- Syria- America Presses For Negotiations Between Israel and Palestinians

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 12, 2011- Syria- America Presses For Negotiations Between Israel and Palestinians

The situation in Syria is getting ever more violent, with the Assad regime now openly using tanks and helicopter gunships against protesters. The world is outraged, but stands largely silent on the sidelines. The opinions in Israel, both on whether Assad is doomed and why the world is mostly silent, vary widely.

Some Israeli commentator believe the end may be near. This weekend the demonstrations in Homs and even Damscus grew exponentially. There were tens of thousands of demonstrators in the street. They also refer to signs that ever larger numbers of Syrian army troops seem to be defecting. Skeptics take the opposite view, believing the brutality of the regime will insure it maintains powers. As to the world, some Israeli commentators believe its because no one knows whether Assad will win or not, so the world is waiting, so as not to be on the losing side. Others say the West actually hopes Assad will win; fearing what might come after. I hope that is not the case. Unfortunately, I know enough to say that I clearly have no idea what is best. However, as usual, my one clear opinion is that anyone who says he or she knows for sure, is wrong.

The nascent Palestinian unity seems to be in trouble, with a major disagreement on who should be the interim Prime Minister. Though It is still too soon to write off the plan. In the meantime, the Obama Administration is pressing the Netanyahu government to accept the "Obama" plan as a basis for resuming negotiations. The Palestinians have accepted it, agreeing to forego their demand that building cease as a precondition. This, of course, puts the Israeli government in the unfortunate position of being the ones to say "no". The Israeli government needs to come up with a creative plan to say "yes" and then put the onus on the Palestinians.

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