January 30, 2013-Israel Attacks Syrian Missiles Being Transfered to Lebanon. Stanley Fisher Resigns Early Marc Schulman

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

January 30, 2013-Israel Attacks Syrian Missiles Being Transfered to Lebanon. Stanley Fisher Resigns Early

The news in Israel today was dominated by the foreign reports that the Israeli Air Force attacked targets along the Syrian-Lebanese border. The reports seem to indicate that the target was a convoy filled with advanced anti-aircraft missiles that Hezbollah was trying to take out of Syria into Lebanon. For the moment, everyone is maintaining plausible deniability. Reactions similar to the Israeli attack on the Syrian nuclear plant -If it never took place, then no one has retaliate. Although in the last hour their seem to be reports that the Syrians are now acknowledging the attacks.

Needless to say, this news put the recent placement of the Iron Dome System in the North into the proper perspective. Of course there was always the chance the Iron Dome was placed up North as a result of the story that was circulating about the explosion at the Iranian nuclear plant. However, that story may have been a red herring.

Israeli observers were somewhat astonished that Hezbollah and Syria thought they could get away with the movement large-scale weapons, after Israel publicly- and privately-warned everyone that this would be a red line which Israel would not countenance. Israel, no doubt, has the tacit support of all of the Sunni Arab states for its action (as none of them want advanced weapons falling into the hand of the Shiite Hezbollah.) Unfortunately, this is probably the first of many mini-crises that are likely to unfold in the coming weeks, while the Syrian Regime continues its slow implosion. As the commander of the Israeli Air force stated yesterday: Israel is facing a unique situation, having the country of Syria, with its advanced weaponry, (including unconventional weapons) falling apart on its border.

The other major news in Israel today was the unexpected resignation announcement made last night by the Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer. His resignation came a surprise. Fischer is resigning two years before the end of his term. It was expected that Fisher would explain his reasons at a Press Conference this morning. However, he said little- other than citing his interest in spending more time with his family, most of whom live in the US.

Finally, it seems that our "collective prayers" have been answered. The Water Authority here announced officially that as a result of the continued record-breaking rainfall, together with dramatically increased desalinization have brought an end to Israel's drought status. Any chances the Water Authority will also lower the price of water...?

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