-- August 9, 2012- Egypt Continues It Attacks on Terrorist Targets in Sinai Marc Schulman

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Israel Update
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 9, 2012- Egypt Continues It Attacks on Terrorist Targets in Sinai

Egypt continued it crackdown on terrorist activities in the Sinai. Egypt has been using helicopter gunships to attack terrorist targets, with Israel's approval. Yesterday, the Egyptian government asked for temporary permission to use these gunships, since using these armed helicopters violates Egypt's treaty with Israel. Today, the Egyptian government requested, and were given permission to use these helicopters on a regular basis. At the same time, the Egyptian government has demanded that the Hamas government turn over three high-ranking members of the Islamic Jihad, whom they hold responsible for the recent attack on their soldiers. If Hamas refuses to oblige, the Egyptians are threatening to cut off Gaza. 

The talk of a potential attack on Iran keeps growing. Rumors highlight that if Israel was to attack, it would do so in the next few weeks (so as not to do so right before the election.) The sense seems to be that an Israeli attack would only delay (and not eliminate) the program. There is an absurd scenario that has been discussed repeatedly in the media. This scenario posits our goal would be to begin an attack that would force a reluctant US to join. There is also talk that President Peres has been leading those who oppose an attack. He has been quite vocal in his opposition privately. More about this in the coming days.

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