-- August 22, 2012-An Alice and Wonderland Country, Lieberman Calls For Abbas to be Ousted Marc Schulman

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Israel Update
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By Marc Schulman

August 22, 2012-An Alice and Wonderland Country, Lieberman Calls For Abbas to be Ousted

To say that, at times, life in this country feels like a scene from "Alice and Wonderland" is an understatement. Yesterday we went to a presentation by Shai Agassi, founder of "Better Place", (the company introducing the electric car in this country). Better Place has installed 40 robotic battery changing centers throughout the country. In his speech, Agassi laid out his ambitious goal of making the country free from oil. He explained the mechanics of their new 100% electric vehicle and we even got to test drive one of his cars. It was all very impressive. One walked away from the presentation feeling that everything is possible. Of course, then you get home and hear the latest news- that Netanyahu and Barak are insisting on attacking Iran... and since they cannot get this action approved (even in their right wing cabinet), they are trying to convince Rabbi Yosef (spiritual leader of Shas), so that his ministers will vote in favor. Rav Ovadia is the same rabbi who (among other things) has recently said that the six million Holocaust victims were "reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things that should not be done. They were reincarnated in order to atone." 

So, now the fate of the nation is in his hands.

In the meantime, we also have a Foreign Minister who, (it turns out) wrote a letter to the Quartet, (the group responsible for talks with the Palestinians) and demanded they force Palestinian President Abbas to call for elections. Leaving aside how well that worked last time, it did not take more than a few hours for Prime Minister Netanyahu to disavow the actions of his Foreign Minister. Only with our impossible form of government could something like this happen.

Events in Egypt continue to change at a rapid pace. The Egyptian army has been violating our peace agreements by bringing in more troops and equipment than allowed, without prior coordination with Israel. If they had coordinated their actions to date, Israel would have agreed. However, the new government in Egypt is doing all it can to ignore its prior agreements with Israel. As I have written recently, the speed at which the Muslim Brotherhood is consolidating their control in Egypt is stunning.

Finally, I will write for nenth time- It looks like Assad's days are truly numbered. Yes I have said that before. However, the opposition is gaining strength by the day, (with 70% of the country in their hands, including almost all the border crossings.) It remains only a matter of time.

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