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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 31 , 2007 School Opens in Sderot on Sunday

Schools will open in Israel on Sunday.  In most of the world, school openings are about readying bulletin boards making sure teachers have their lessons ready for the first days.  In the area around the Gaza Strip, however, it is about being ready for a missile attack.  Despite early reports that the schools were not ready, it turns out that 95% of the classrooms have either been reinforced to withstand an attack or are adjacent to a location that is reinforced.  The army is preparing for the opening with a multi-layered defense.  Unmanned and manned aircraft will be patrolling over the areas from where Qassams are usually sent, ready to attack anything suspicious.  Ground troops have been reinforced to be ready if they are needed.  The students return to their classrooms on Sunday, let’s all hope that all of these actions are enough. 
Fatah members in Gaza have been protesting Hamas rule. Fatah demonstrations have been met by force the Hamas government.  The Fatah has told its members to begin their demonstrations, starting at the mosques after Friday prayers.  They have taken a card from the Hamas playbook.  At the moment, it is merely a thorn in the side of Hamas, but it is certainly not good for their PR.