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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 27 , 2007 Barak Presents to Knesset Committee
Today, Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, spoke before the Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs Committees for the first time in seven years. In his testimony he stated that the risk of war with Syria is starting to recede. Barak said that the Syrians have made it clear they have no intention of becoming involved in a war with Israel and their actions on the ground are beginning to reflect this fact. On the other hand, according to Barak, Hezbollah now has more rockets in its arsenal than it did when last summerŐs war began. According to a report by Ehud Ya'ari, channel 2Ős Arab affairs correspondent, Hezbollah has been developing an in-depth military infrastructure north of the Litani. Hezbollah is building bunkers, fire positions for missiles and anti-tank emplacements.

Anyone who expects reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah has not been watching Hamas TV. The Hamas has been airing childrenŐs shows that show Fatah as rats working for the United States; Hamas is the lion that kills them all. On every front, the rhetoric between the two groups is growing, and with it the hatred.

President Assad's regime in Syria encountered a major embarrassment today, when only 25% of the electorate turned out to vote in local elections today. Assad had been promoting the elections as a major example of freedom in the country. The fact that only 25% of the eligible voters came to vote was a slap in AssadŐs face. So much so, that Arab television's networks interviewed Syrians calling for an Intifadah against Assad.