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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 23 , 2007 Iranian Economy Continues to Falter

Tzvi Yechzkeli devoted his segment today on London and Kirschbaum to events in Iran. He showed a series of public executions that seem to be going on in different parts of Iran. On the same segment Yechzkeli talked about the failures of the Iranian economy and the resignation of its Minister of Labor and Minister of Oil. Their policy of gas rationing is creating more and more unrest. The unrest is being controlled by additional crackdowns against any dissenters. A leading newspaper reporter who was slightly critical of the Iranian regime had his tongue cut off recently.

According to David Horowitz, the chief spokesman of the Russian Air force recently confirmed, (in today's Jerusalem Post), that it was indeed Russian planes and pilots that flew over the Dimona Reactor in May 1967. This affirmation confirmed one of the central points of the recently published book "Foxbats over Dimona" by Gideon Remez and Isabella Ginor (I reviewed this book in a recent posting). In their book, Remez and Ginor claim that the Soviets provoked the Six Day War. I had promised to review the Tom Segev book 1967. I have a hard time writing a bad review and as such have not written a critique of Segev's book. Segev's book is a great collection of anecdotes and stories. However, the author draws broad sweeping conclusions, including the fact that Israel overreacted to the Egyptian actions. Segev's facts presents do not support the conclusions he tries to draw. The facts he presents, ultimately, do not present a full picture of 1967 Six Day War, politically, militarily or socially.