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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 9 , 2007 Likud and Kadima Hold Primaries
I am happy to say there is very little news from Israel today. For those who have not been following internal Israeli politics closely, and that includes most Israelis, next week there are primaries in the Likud and this week there are internet primaries in Kadima. Next week’s Likud primaries will take place in the middle of the summer, while many are away. The primary pits former Prime Minister Netanyahu against Moshe Feiglen. Feiglin has positioned himself as the true believer in the ideas of the Likud, while depicting Netanyau as a “sell-out” … no different than the current government. Feiglen’s candidacy was originally not given much credence. However, with so many people away, or not paying attention, some observers now believe that Feiglen might receive as much as 40% of the vote.

Meanwhile, Kadima has been holding an internet election to determine the rankings of its Knesset members. The elections close tomorrow, and results will be announced on Monday.

Reports in Israeli newspapers claim that the IDF has awarded contracts for a comprehensive missile defense system. The system will be able to intercept both Qassams and Katushas, as well as, be a terminal defense system for longer range Iranian missiles. It have been said that it will take 18 months to produce and deploy the system. Hopefully, no one will decide to cut the expenditures for the systems.