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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 8 , 2007 Security Cabinet Meets About Syria/ Advance on Solar Energy

The security cabinet held another meeting today on the possibility of war with Syria. Very little information was leaked from this meeting. The one thing that was made clear, was that according to IsraelŐs analysis the Syrians have not been convinced by Israeli assurances that it has no plan of any kind to attack Syria. The Syrians, it seems, are worried that the US is going to attack Iran, while Israel attacks Syria. This is absolutelty not a realistic scenario, for anyone who understands either US or Israeli politics

There seem to have been some low level talks between Hamas and Fatah on re-forming a unity government. The push for this comes from Hamas, who has now been very successfully isolated. Israeli observers do not believe that those talks will go very far. Abbas has made it very clear that he has no real intention to enter into any coalition with Hamas, and for once, he seems unlikely to waver.

London and Kirshbaum interviewed Professor David Feinman of Ben Gurion University. He spoke about the breakthrough his team achieved in solar energy. Feinman has developed a new method of solar energy production that separates the collection of sunlight, from the conversion into electricity. He then uses gallium arsenide, instead of silicon, to do the conversion. According to Feinman, using conventional methods it requires 10cm by 10cm to produce 1 watt, using his method, it is possible to produce 1500 watts in the same space. Feinman stated that his method would allow the production of a Kilowatt of power for .5 cents. This is a number much lower than the current cost of conventionally produced power.