March 7, 2011 Qaddafi Stays Put, Netanyahu Talking Of New Plan

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

March 7, 2011 Qaddafi Stays Put, Netanyahu Talking Of New Plan

It looks like I was overly optimistic as to the staying power of the Qaddafi regime in Libya. We seem to now be in for a protracted Civil War (I could be wrong again). The war is between a real bad guy and some very unknown members of the opposition. There is very little known about the Libyan opposition. Yet, ever since Libya reconnected with the West, western intelligence has given Libya a low priority. As a result, we are in the dark.

An Israeli newspaper correspondent is traveling through Libya with some of the rebels (without using his Israeli passport or name). He described some of the conversations he had with these rebels on Israeli news. Sadly, when he brought up Israel in any way, it was like he had brought up the devil incarnate.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is making it clear, with a great deal of pomp and circumstance, that he is planning a major peace initiative; or minimally, at least a peace speech. When is the speech, you ask. Next week, perhaps? No, rather in May. I guess events in the Middle East have been happening so slowly that there is no need to get ahead of the curve.

Today, another attempt failed in the Israeli cabinet to curb the Israeli daily, called "Israel Today". The newspaper, which is funded by Sheldon Adelson, has become the most popular newspaper in Israel (since it is given away for free–something that is hard to compete with). The newspaper's editorial and news slant reflects those of Adelson- 100% support of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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