March 10, 2011 American Policy in Libya in Disarray, Israeli News Bored With Events in the Greater Middle East

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

March 10, 2011 American Policy in Libya in Disarray, Israeli News Bored With Events in the Greater Middle East

Most of the worlds eyes remained glued to events in Libya. Today it looks like Qaddafi’s better armed troops have taken the offensive. In the meantime American policy seems very much adrift. On one hand the James Clapper, the director of national intelligence testified to Congress that Libyan leader Qadaffi has the upper hand in the fighting, and his overwhelming military superiority will probably prevail. On the other hand on a Telephone briefing that National Security Advisor Tom Donilon held that I participated in he gave the clear impression that American policy was based on the assumption that the Qaddafi regime will fall. Donilon’s view is that growing world pressure will eventually prevail. He was asked about Clappers testimony and was not able to square the circle. He was also pushed by NBC correspondent Andre Mitchel as to why it was taking so long for the US and NATO to come to any decision on action, and whether or not these delays were not working to strengthen Qaddafi, he was not able to answer that effectively either. In short its seems that US policy is clearly in dissary.

Meanwhile in Israel it would seem the media has become bored about events taking place in the rest of the Middle East. I watched 3 evening news shows today and not one of them discussed events in Libya, Egypt or anywhere else. They were devoted to the story that is being reported that Israel kidnapped a high ranking Hamas official from the Ukraine, the controversy over a light sentence handed out to a drunk driver who permanently crippled physically and mentally a young girl, and bad weather.

There have been growing reports of more and more former and current US officials writing letters to President Obama to free Jonathan Pollard, to day it was reported that for the first time Senator McCaine supports those efforts.

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