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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 26, 2007 Israeli and Palestinian Delegations Meet with Bush
The Annapolis summit continues to be a moving target.  Prime Minister Olmert, Defense Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Livni met today for a warm meeting with President Bush today at the White House in advance of the conference.  Israeli reporters commented on how unusual it was for the top leaders of the government to meet together.  How rare it is of them not to be trying to undermine each other, but choose instead to work together.  There is a sense that an agreement may be reached on a joint statement with the Palestinians.   
One of the most unusual aspects of the conference is the fact that almost the complete Muslim world will be represented.  The one missing country is, of course, Iran.  Saudi Arabia and the other foreign ministers are particularly upset by the fact the Syria is only sending the deputy foreign minister . Syria is the only country no to send the foreign minister.  Israeli analysts believe that Saudi Arabia is fully engaged in trying to bring about a successful conference and the beginning of a real process leading to peace. 
There seems to be such divergent sense of "where this is all going".  On one hand, military intelligence is warning that pushing this process too fast will endanger Israel’s security.  On the other hand, other parts of the intelligence community are warning of greater support around the world for a one state solution.  Clearly, if we do nothing, then that process will accelerate.  However, it is important that to keep in perspective that any agreement is fraught with real danger. 
The conference begins tomorrow, will there be real news? Stay tuned.