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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 11, 2007 Syrians Intent on Attending Annapolis Summit

The Syrians seem intent on attending the Annapolis summit.  According to Israeli sources the Syrians have reached an agreement with the United States and the European Union that will permit them to attend the summit.  Under the terms of the agreement, the Syrians have agreed not to intervene in the election in Lebanon.  In return, the issue of the Golan Heights will come up at Annapolis, and they will attend.  It’s not clear what part, if any Israel played in the agreement.  For those who have been saying that the Annapolis summit is merely a virtual summit where absolutely nothing will be accomplished, Israeli military intelligence has warned that such an outcome will lead to a Hamas takeover of the West Bank.  Their view is that it’s not necessary to reach an agreement, but clear progress needs to take place to keep the Abbas' government in power. 

Meanwhile, Qassam rockets continue to fall on the Western Negev. The promised Israeli response (to cut off electricity to the area) is being held up by the Attorney General, who is reviewing and evaluating the plan.  Barak presented a new twist to the plan, instead of cutting off the electricity for set periods of time; the amount of electricity would be cut back. This would force the Palestinians to make sure that enough electricity is directed toward the hospitals and other essential services.  Israel is trying to avoid potential pictures of infants dying, because their incubators are turned off due to the lack of electricity.  Mazuz is said to be no more enamored by Barak’s plan than the previous one. 

One hundred policemen descended on 20 offices around Israel to look for evidence in the investigations against Olmert.  The action showed that the police were serious about this investigation. However, many question what took so long, since the investigation has been going on for one year. 

The Israeli government announced its support today for the creation of an infrastructure for the use of the electric car in Israel.  The plan is the brainchild of Israel millionaire, Shai Agassi.  He has wanted Israel to lead the world in the adoption of electric cars.  The Corporation of Israel has agreed to invest 100 million dollars to create the infrastructure for the charging of the car.  The government has agreed to support investment and dramatically lower taxes on electric cars.  Renault is negotiating for the establishment of a factory for the production of the first of these 100% electric cars.