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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 12, 2008 Intensive Attacks on Gaza Periphery

Today Hamas engaged in a heavy barrage of mortars and missiles from Gaza. A grad missile hit Ashkelon andmissiles hit Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. Today's attack seem to be Hamas' response to Israel's answer regarding a cease fire. The answer was yes in principal but only if Gilad Shalit is included as part of the deal. As far as Hams is concerned, that is a non-starter andthus they were showing today what they were capable of doing to make Israelis' lives difficult. In the very difficult political balance, or lack thereof in Israel's case, it may have the opposite effect: pushing Israel into a military action. The attacks were partially an attempt to shield a large scale attack on the border by a suicide tractor driver. The tractor was blown up before it could reach the border by Israeli anti tank missiles.

The pressure keeps building on Prime Minister Olmert to set a date for Kadima primaries. He attempted to delay once again yesterday by calling on the party to begin to set in motion a plan to have primaries. He is doing all he can to hold on to power. I have to give him some credit. I certainly would not want to have to make some of the life and death decisions that an Israeli Prime minister will need to make in the next few weeks and months. The only problem is no one will trust any decision he makes since they are all tainted at this point