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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 11, 2008 Another Olmert Scandal-

Well, those who thought that Prime Minister Olmert's case could not get any worse ñ it did today. In a surprise move, the police interrogated Olmert on a completely new case. This time he is being investigated for double and triple billing various charities and other groups for his trips overseas. How did this happen? Olmert would travel to the US or other places to raise money for UJA or other groups. His travel agency would then bill three or four agencies for the same trip. The difference went into a special account at the travel agency that was set up for use of Olmert's family.

Is this not enough? How many affairs does it take? We know that by the end of September Kadima will have primaries and whoever wins will become the next Prime Minister, if the coalition holds together. But why must Israel live through a long summer with a Prime Minster that almost everyone agrees is a criminal.