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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 9, 2008 Israeli Cabinet Meets in Emergency

The Israeli cabinet had an emergency meeting this morning ostensibly to discuss the changing situation in Lebanon that now includes the complete rearming of Hezbollah. Israeli observers are skeptical if that was the real purpose of the meeting. Cabinets ministers however, have been closed mouthed. The developments in Lebanon are, of course, troubling enough to deserve a special cabinet meeting. Hezbollah is now fully rearmed with their missiles capable of covering half of Israel. They no longer need to smuggle their heavy weaponry, as it is brought in in the light of day.

Meanwhile, Iran is touting the test firing of one of its new missile system, that has the range to strike Israel. Israeli observers report that there is nothing new with the test, and more has to do with the ongoing war of nerves between Iran and Israel.

The news from Turkey is troubling and is taking place on many fronts. The attack in the US embassy, combined with the kidnapping of German tourists has put the country into turmoil. All of this, in advance of the expected Supreme Court decision that is likely to throw Turkey into political turmoil by ousting the popular Islamic government. On top of all this, former high-ranking military officers were arrested and charged with plotting a revolt.