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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 6, 2008 Israeli Cabinet Waste Day Discussing Ramon Case

The Israeli cabinet spent hours today discussing whether to launch in State probe into the investigation of former Justice Minister and current Minister Without Portfolio Ramon, that led to his conviction for making unwanted sexual advances to a your solider. The request for the probe was originated by current Justice Minister Freidman and was of course supported by Ramon. The Attorney General adamantly opposed the probe and he was strongly supported by the Labor Ministers in the cabinet. In the end, the cabinet voted not to start a State inquiry, but, instead to refer the matter to the State Ombudsman to investigate. The decision was a major blow to Friedman. Of course, why the with so many important matters of State needing attention the government allowed itself to spend time on debating this matter says a great deal about the state of the Israeli government.

Yehezkel Dror, a member of the Wingrad commission, wrote an article in this week's Forward article, entitled "Is the Winograd Commission to blame for the present sorry state of affairs?" Dror writes: "In part, speaking for my own role, the answer is yes. In retrospect, I think I erred in trusting the political system and and the public to do what was obviously required, in light of our harsh findings, namely to to remove the Prime Minister from office." More honest words have hardly been stated.

Meanwhile, Hamas and Fatah are engaged in negotiations. It is clear that if Israel is not going to attack Gaza, then Fatah will make some sort of accommodation with Hamas. If Israel does not destroy Hamas, then for better or worse, we will have them on the West Bank.