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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 23, 2007 Ceasefire with Hamas?

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert rejected an unofficial proposal from Hamas for a ceasefire.  Hamas’ offer, which came via a phone call to a Channel 2 reporter, was no doubt caused by Israel’s successful attack on leaders of Islamic Jihad last week.  According to some observers, the attack last week was part of a multi-prong strategy to avoid a large scale incursion into Gaza. 
The second part of the strategy calls for attacking the Hamas’ leadership if the rocket attacks continue.  Israeli observers believe that it will not be necessary to get to stage two, as Hamas will get the message.  It seems they have.  Israel will not, however, enter into any negotiations with Hamas over a ceasefire. 
Israel has been successful in convincing almost the whole world not to enter into any negotiations with Hamas.  So, if Israel enters into any talks that will end.  Hamas knows how to end Israelis attacks: all they have to do is stop the rockets attacks, and Israel will stop the attacks.
The cabinet approved funding for an anti-missile missile defense shield to protect Sderot and the communities around Gaza.  It will take two years until it is operational, and is most likely a temporary answer, as using rockets to knock down other rockets is very expensive solution.  However, Israel is developing a laser based defense system that will be the eventual answer, and that development is going ahead