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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 12, 2007 Rockets of Sderot- Iran test Solid Fuel Rocket

Over twenty rockets rained down on Sderot and the vicinity today from Gaza. It was one of the worse days in recent months and was timed to coincide with the first meeting of Palestinian and Israeli negotiators. The Palestinians insisted that the meeting not become a photo op in protest of yesterdayís Israeli action in Gaza, so they met at the Mt. Zion hotel instead of the King David. No substantive negotiations took place, merely both sides stating their public positions. Meanwhile, the mayor of Síderot resigned. The stated reason for his resignation was the continued Qassam fire on the city. The police investigation into official corruption by him contributed no doubt to his decision.

The Israeli Security Cabinet met and once again decided to hold off from any large scale operation in Gaza. The army believes that a major operation in Gaza will cost the lives of 100 soldiers. No one is sure what it would accomplish and how to get out once they are in, so the Cabinet continues to support a continuation of the current policy for want of a better one.

It became public today that two weeks ago Iran test fired a new intermediate range ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 miles. That range put much of Europe in its attack zone. More importantly, or more ominously, the missile was a solid fuel as opposed to a liquid fueled rocket. The distinction is important- liquid fuel rockets need to be fueled before launch, thus giving an opponent warning of an impending launch and a one hour window to attack. Solid fueld rockets can be launched without warning.