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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 9, 2007 More on the Iranian Report

The American Intelligence reports on Iran continues to reverberate. Today it was reported in British newspapers that British Intelligence services disagree with the American conclusion. The British believe the Americans were fooled by misinformation. Ephraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad, does not believe the US was fooled, Halevy thinks they just came to the wrong conclusions. More details of how the reportŐs conclusions were reached have come forth. It seems the major change was new intelligence received from intercepts. A special team was assembled just to examine whether the intercepts were genuine or misinformation. The US intelligence committee concluded the intercepts were genuine. Then, on December 1st, a meeting of all the US intelligence agencies, concluded by consensus that Iran had in fact abandoned its program to weaponize nuclear material. The fact is that two of the agencies disagreed. President Bush could have delayed publication of the findings, but he did not. Now, a whole host of American politicians are calling for dialogue with Teheran. What a mess!

Prime Minister Olmert met with the head of the TeacherŐs Union today to try to get talks restarted. The teachers will return to work after Chanukah, under court orders. Netanyahu tried to gain political capital on how HE intervened promptly when HE was prime minister and swiftly ended his teacherŐs strike. When the newspapers started quoting him, NetanyahuŐs lawyers sent out threatening letters to all the TV stations and newspapers warning that he was being misquoted. London and Kirshbaum responded tonight by playing a recording of what Netanyahu said. The recording reflected exactly what was being reported. What is the problem? Netanyahu might have intervened promptly, but the strike went on for another 40 days.