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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 12, 2008-War in Georgia

The Israeli news today was dominated, once again, by the news from Georgia. It is very rare that foreign events dominate the Israeli news, but this is one case where the events taking place in Georgia have far eclipsed any domestic Israeli news. Of course these events are covered with an Israeli spin, paying attention to the evacuation of Israelis by El Al and the serious wounding of a veteran Israeli reporter in the fighting.

The Israeli analysis is clear-- we are living in a new world, but while nobody is saying the Soviet Union is acting like the Nazis in Germany, the similarities of staged events and support for ethnic minorities are striking. The overall message to all the other former Soviet republics is that the west and the US can do nothing to protect you. As both London and Kirschenbaum stated at the end of the segment, Israel should be thinking about the same lesson.