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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

August 4, 2008-Gaza Clashes

The clashes in Gaza are a very confusing matter. Those who were killed and whose survivors fled to Israel were all members of the Hilis clan. The Hiliss were considered members of Fatah, but were supporters of Hamas. Why Hamas chose to turn on the Hiliss at this particular moment is totally unclear. As one Israeli commentator stated: “Hamas does not have any friends. ” That same correspondent interviewed the head of the Hilis clan and cautioned him what happened was to be expected… if you lay down with dogs, you should expect a certain outcome. What to do with the Hilis clan was the major item on Israeli news today. Fatah in the West Bank does not want them. Israel is not willing to send them back to Hamas against their will. In the end, it was worked out to send them to Jericho.

The Lebanese government has agreed, as a basis for the establishment of the new government that Hezbollah is now a legitimate part of the Lebanese army. This completely ends the idea of demilitarizing Hezbollah, as called for in the UN resolution that ended the second Lebanese War.