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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 29 , 2007 Israeli Soldier Killed, One Seriously Wounded in Gaza

An Israeli reserve soldier was killed in action in the southern part of the Gaza Strip today, while another was seriously wounded in the northern part.  Both casualties were a result of attacks by Hams soldiers.  The soldiers were acting as part of ongoing operations to keep the Hamas from nearing the border fence and attempting to keep them off balance.  Unfortunately, the IDF is now coming up against a reasonably well trained armed force, similar to what Israel has faced in Hezbollah in Lebanon. Ha mas has smuggled 72 tons of munitions into Gaza in the last four months. Israel can at any time defeat them, but it will not be cost free.
Prime Minister Olmert announced today that he has early stage prostate cancer.  Olmert allowed his doctors to answer every question posed to them.  Olmert is the first Israeli Prime Minister to be totally upfront with his illness with the public, and has received high marks from the Israeli media and other politicians on how he has handled the announcement.
The high school teachers and the Ministry of Education have entered into marathon negotiations to end the strike.  The parties are negotiating on the basis of a standard 5% wage increase without the reforms.  This will get the students back into the classrooms, but Israel will be back to square one in attempting any serious school reform.