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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 16 , 2007 Ron Arad, and Putin in Teheran

The full extent of the exchange that took place between Israel and Hezbollah yesterday has now become clear. The information that Israel received on Ron Arad is basically that Hezbollah does not know anything more about him and cannot learn more. Israel has tied the prisoner deal with Hezbollah over Ron Arad. Now Hezbollah is pushing Israel into the corner. If it gives in and accepts that Hezbollah does not know anything more about Arad, then we will probably never learn more about what happened to him.

Russian President PutinŐs visit to Teheran was very problematic. He warned the world, not to attack Iran and stated that Iran has the right to develop nuclear plants. How many double games is Putin playing? Russia just sold Iran anti-aircraft missiles to defends its nuclear sites. If Putin blocks the UN from taking any diplomatic action against Teheran, it will force the US or Israel to take military action. Is that what Putin wants? Is his goal more instability and higher oil prices? My guess, is yes. As an old KGB man, Putin believes in playing a complicated gameĐ he does it well, but that might not be good for Israel or the United States.