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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 15 , 2007 Exchange with Hezbollah, Teachers Strike Continues

The news from Israel today was dominated by the surprise mini-deal between Israel and Hezbollah. The deal retuned the body of a dead Israeli who apparently drowned in Haifa two years ago and whose body washed up in Lebanon. Israel returned two bodies and a low level prisoner from the war. According to Israeli news reports, a key part of the deal was receiving information from Hezbollah.  Israeli news was not allowed to report what the news was about, but they did quote Lebanese television that claimed it was information on Ron Arad, who has been missing in Lebanon for 25 years. 
The deal was brokered by the Germans, who have been the intermediaries between Israel and Hezbollah for years.  One of Hezbollah conditions was that nothing be told about the deal until it was consummated. Thus, a very odd thing happened in the course of the day. Arab media outlets were reporting the exchange all day, but the Israeli censor forced the Israeli media not to even quote Arab media. So, at 7 PM Israel time, the news broke as the deal was being consummated, with special live reports on television.
The high school teachers' strike continues as today ends day five.  No progress was reported today.  The Ministry of Education has offered a 22% salary increase in return for working 12 more hours a week. The teachers have rejected the offer.
Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats have vowed to go ahead with its vote on Armenian genocide. What are they thinking?