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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 11 , 2007 Kaplinsky Retires, Erekat Optimistic

Deputy Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky retired today two months later than planned. He stayed on until the threat of war with Syria had receded. In an interview today, Kaplinsky stated that this threat has now receded. He also said that he felt that now was the time to start talking to Syria. He believes that those talks could be successful and it is urgent to break the Syria Iranian axis.
Palestinian politician Saeb Erekat was interviewed today by Yaron London (the "London" half of the London & Kirshenbaum interview show).  He was very optimistic in regards to the chances of an agreement being reached at the upcoming summit. He said that the differences between the sides were small. On the other hand, Prime Minister Olmert has been going around telling his right wing coalition partners not to worry about the summit; 'nothing will come of it'. It is hard to reconcile these two positions.
I must say that parts of the political right and left in the US have gone a little off the deep end. On one hand, what in the world is the US House thinking passing, even in committee, a resolution calling the killing of Armenians by Turkey during World War I genocide? Historically that is correct. But why, when we are in the middle of a war in Iraq, using Turkish bases, with a Turkey that has reelected an Islamic government, do we need to insult the Turkish now? Is the Congress spending its time correctly by dealing with a historical event that took place over 90 years ago while not doing anything about the ongoing genocide in Darfur?
On the other side, Anne Coulter, a well known Republican commentator, stated in an interview that America would be a better place if there were only Christians in the US. She stated it would better if there were no Jews, and that all the Jews should convert and be perfected. We will see how willing the members of the Republican Party are going to be to criticize her.