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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 8 , 2007 Olmert Speaks to the Unseat Today, Police Tomorrow?

There was a serious discussion in the Knesset's opening fall session today. Prime Minister Olmert spoke about the Annapolis Summit. He framed the discussion by saying that nothing serious would happen without a significant effort to fight terror. Thus, he gave himself political cover to make any concessions that he might be talking about by saying that all this is dependant on a serious fight against terror, something that is unlikely.

On the other hand, Olmert said that Israel has a partner, and that an agreement can be reached. He continued by saying that reaching an agreement will be difficult and Israel will have to make sacrifices and give up on some dreams. The politically left wing Meretz party leader MK Yossi Beilin stated that he would not have made a different speech.

In the cabinet meeting there was a heated discussion about any agreement to give up any part of Jerusalem. Of course, part of what is officially part of Jerusalem is now on the other side of security fence.

Opposition leader MK Netanyahu gave the expected speech warning that Olmert is willing to bring down Qassams on Tel Aviv. It is Ehud Barak that seems to be causing Olmert the most troubles, warning about rushing into any agreement. After Camp David, Barak seems the most cynical about coming to any agreement.

Tomorrow Olmert is being interviewed by the police in the case of the privatization of Bank Leumi. Olmert was the acting Minster of Finance when this chapter took place and is accused of rigging the bidding in favor of a foreign investor that he was friends with.