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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 2 , 2007 Israeli Government Indirectly Confirms Raid?

For reasons that are not clear, the Israeli censor allowed the newspapers to publish a confirmation that Israel indeed attacked something in Syria.  Until now Israeli newspapers and television were only able to report what happened based on foreign news sources.  It would seem that the chief censor acted on her own in making this decision, following Syrian President Assad’s confirmation regarding the attack yesterday in his interview.  The verification was heavily reported in the world press, and it broke the successful Israeli deniability.
It would seem that four members of Hamas’ new naval unit were killed by other Palestinians tonight.  If this is indeed the case, it marks a major new development within the Gaza Strip. 
It was reported today on Israeli television that Israeli tycoon Lev Leviov has been paying to provide special classes in 60 Israeli secular schools on Judaism.  It has caused an outcry in Israel.  It does present significant dilemmas.  There is no question that students in Israel’s secular schools do not learn enough about Jewish tradition and history.  This approach however, certainly begs the question of how decisions are made, and what money now buys in Israel.