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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

May 12, 2008 Qassam Kills Woman, Egypt Promotes Ceasefire

A Qassam missile hit a home in Moshav Yeasha near the Gaza Strip, killing a 70 year old woman who was visiting. This was the second fatal attack in three days. Meanwhile Egyptian Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman arrived in Israel today to present the proposed ceasefire agreement with Hamas. At this point, the agreement is limited to Gaza and only covers military action by either side. It does not call for the opening of the crossings.

Before Suleimanís arrival, Gilad Shalitís father wrote a letter to Prime Minister Olmert, Minister of Foreign Relations Livni, and Minister of Defense Barak and pleaded that it would not be right to agree to a ceasefire without some type of agreement regarding his son. The Israeli leadership agreed, and when meeting with Suleiman stated that this would be one of the conditions to an agreement. Suleiman was not happy stating that it would be impossible to reach such an agreement now.

Fighting continued in Lebanon today. Hezbollah has established roadblocks throughout Beirut, underscoring its control of the country. The Arab foreign ministers met, and the Syrians managed to sabotage an attempt to criticize Iran for what is going on in Lebanon. The Sunni Arab world blames Syria and has made it clear that it is up to Syria to fix what has happened.

A new poll was released today on Israeli political views after the current affair. 66% of Israelis are not happy with Olmertís performance as Prime Minister, while 24% are. This is virtually unchanged. 51% of Israelis want Olmert to wait for an indictment to resign, while 43% want him to resign now. If he does resign 64% want new elections. If that election were held with Olmert running he would receive 6% of the vote, with Barak receiving 20% and Netanyahu receiving 34%. Most interesting, if Olmert does not run Livni would receive 29% of the vote Netanyahu 30% and Barak 16%.