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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

May 2, 2008 Olmert Under Serious Investigation May be Forced to Resign

In a surprise move by the Israeli Police, Prime Minister Olmert was interrogated again today. The investigations are relating to a new affair. According to a report in Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot (which means latest news) this morning, the accusation is that Olmert received cash bribes from an American businessman who has business interests in Israel. According to the article, the businessman arrived in Israel recently for a visit and has been interrogated by the police and is cooperating.

In a strange development, the Israeli media has received a censorship order from the courts not to publicize what they know about the case and not even to repeat what is in the newspaper article. Television correspondents, who could not say much, did say that this affair is of a whole other magnitude than the earlier investigations. Clearly, receiving a cash bribe is another matter all together. One well known political analyst said on television tonight that Olmert will have no choice but to at least temporarily step down, if not resign.

The IDF released tapes of the attack in Gaza that led to the death of a mother and four children. The tape clearly shows four individuals near the house in question who were identified as armed men. The IDF aircraft fired a missile at them. The film clearly shows a large secondary explosion, which was the armaments that they were carrying, that blew up destroyed the house and killed the family. The IDF, in self criticism, stated that a mistake was made by attacking the fighters when they were so close an inhabited house.