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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

March 16, 2008 Netanyahu's Travel Expenses

As expected, the news from the last two days in Israel has been dominated by the story done by Israel Channel 10 regarding former Prime Minister Netanyahu's excessive spending during a trip to London last year.   Today Netanyahu sued Channel 10 news for 2 million NIS.  His claims seem a little weak, since he has not disputed the central claims of the news reports just certain details.  There is no doubt that the reports will hurt him since it plays to his weak areas, that he is an elitist and does not understand the average person, and that he spends to much on himself.  Of course, many of his sins have been shared by many Israeli politicians who travel abroad, especially for the Bonds.  Four other Knesset members went to England to participate in an information campaign during this very time, all of whom were able to stay there for the per diem paid by the government.  Netanyahu is claiming that the media is out to get him.
Channel 10 showed a video tonight of the first test of the anti missile designed to defend Sderot.  The system is still two years from deployment.  One of the arguments against the system is the cost - $50,000 per launch.  The system only launches an interceptor if it is calculated that the missile will hit a populated area.  According to a study done based on the last year's launches of the Qassams from Gaza, the total cost of intercept of last year's missiles would have been $25 million dollars - not a very high price.
Iran had elections and the western media has mostly concentrated on the fact that conservatives received the majority of the votes after most of the moderates were barred from voting.  Israeli analysts pointed out that while conservatives did win the majority of the votes, the conservatives included a large number who oppose the policies of the Ahmadinejad.  The liberals and the conservatives together actually received more votes than Ahmadinejad's.