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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

March 10, 2008 All Quiet on the Southern Front

It was another quiet day in southern Israel today, which seems to be a major issue in the news. Palestinian Authority President Abbas claims that a ceasefire has been reached between Hamas and Israel. On Israel's side, both Prime Minister Olmert and Minister of Defense Barak claim that a deal has not been reached. The IDF claims that it has not been given orders to abstain from action in Gaza. On the other hand the IDF has not been taking any actions on its own. Israeli observers seem to think that this is a temporary break. Time will tell.

A controversy has developed over the body of the terrorist form Thursday's shooting at the Merkaz Ha'rav yeshiva in Jerusalem. The army has so far refused to turn over his body to the family, fearing that his funeral will turn into a public display of support for Hamas. Members of the families of the slain yeshiva students have written to Olmert demanding that the terrorist family be forced out of Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the family is a legal resident of the city, and as such, any action like that would be beyond the law.