June 3, 2009-Obama To Speak Tomorrow In Cairo- A Preview

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 3, 2009-Obama To Speak Tomorrow In Cairo- A Preview

Tomorrow is Obama’s speech to the Muslim world from Cairo. There was an interesting column in today’s NYT by Thomas Friedman Obama on Obama, in advance of the speech, sharing his sense of what Obama will try to accomplish. He will clearly lay out his view on the Arab Israeli-conflict. The main speechwriter for the speech stated in a briefing today in Saudi Arabia that “he'll discuss the course of the Israeli-Palestinian issue and the broader Arab-Israeli issue, acknowledging the fact that this has been a very important source of tension and passion for people of all faiths within this region and around the world. He will discuss in some detail his view of the conflict and what needs to be done to resolve it. He will discuss both what that means in terms of Israelis and Palestinians and the United States and the Arab states, as well. ”

Israel made some minor concessions today, by removing some roadblocks around Ramallah. Unfortunately it is a little late for that. We will have to wait to see what is in the speech. Yesterday, Obama dropped in on the meeting Barak was having with US National Security Advisor General Jim Jones. The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz claimed that Obama gave Barak an ultimatium for Israel to come up with a peace plan within a set time. The White House denies that occurred.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, a demonstration was held against the Obama administration at the US embassy. Demonstrators claimed that Obama was anti-semitic. Let's hope that not too many people go down that path. To keep everything in perspective every American President since Richard Nixon has called on Israel not to build in the West Bank. A public opinion survey taken in Israel in the last few days, showed 54% of Israeli believed the US would come to Israel’s aid militarily if it was attacked and needed the aid; with only 15 percent believing it would not. 53% of the public is opposed to making any more consession to the Palestinians, despite any pressure from the US unless the Palestinians make significant changes. 50% oppose withdrawal from most of the West Bank, even if a true peace deal can be reached, with 43% supporting and 7% undecided.

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